bowie-dick-test-pack-1 bowie-dick-test-pack-2 class-4-class-6-indicator-1 class-4-class-6-indicator-2 container-key-3 container-seal-2 container-seal-9 container-seal helix-test-pack indicator-label-1 indicator-label-2if not more resistant than, B. anthracis spores (>6 log10 reduction of B. anthracis spores in 5 minutes with acidified bleach [5,250 ppm chlorine])313. Thus, one can extrapolate from the larger database available on the susceptibility of genetically similar organisms314. Second, many of the potential bioterrorist agents are stable enough in the environment that contaminated environmental surfaces or fomites could lead to transmission of agents such as B. anthracis, F. tularensis, variola major, C. botulinum toxin, and C. burnetti 315. Third, data suggest that current disinfection and sterilization practices are appropriate for managing patient-care equipment and environmental surfaces when potentially contaminated patients are evaluated and/or admitted in a health-care facility after exposure to a bioterrorist agent. For example, 25 Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, 2008 sodium hypochlorite can be used for surface disinfection

Autoclave tape

Autoclave indicator tape

Bowie dick test pack

Chemical indicator

Emulating indicator

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Steam indicator class 6

Sterilization equipments

. In instances where the healthcare facility is the site of a bioterrorist attack, environmental decontamination might require special decontamination procedures (e.g., chlorine dioxide gas for B. anthracis spores). Because no antimicrobial products are registered for decontamination of biologic agents after a bioterrorist attack, EPA has granted a crises exemption for each product Of only theoretical concern is the possibility that a bioterrorist agent could be engineered to be less susceptible to disinfection and sterilization processes 309. Toxicological, Environmental and Occupational Concerns Health hazards associated with the use of germicides in healthcare vary from mucous membrane irritation to death, with the latter involving accidental injection by mentally disturbed patients316.


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